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Recruitment rules in Forest Dept

Recruitment to various posts of all ranks has to be according to the rules which a department frames and wants its administration to be run along the lines of those rules. This apart,Government Business Rules provide proposal for making or amending of the rules regulating the recruitment and conditions of services of the members of State services.
The Forest Department is one which has no updated rules of recruitment. In other words recruitment in this department is almost arbitrary.  This is not admissible and is in contravention of general instructions issued by the Government to all departments in regard to recruitment process.
The matter is in the court. Two years ago the court had, while hearing a petition, ordered that the rules of recruitment be framed and implemented immediately. Two years have gone by and rules have not been framed so far. When the State Counsel told the court that the rules had been framed but the file was pending with the Chief Minister, the court asked whether he expected the court to issue a contempt notice against the CM? The court asked who was to do the job. The question is assuming that the file containing the draft rules is with the Chief Minister for two years what have been the senior functionaries doing all these two years? Did not they know that the case was with the High Court and an explanation of long delay had to be given? It was their job to pursue the case at the level of the Chief Minister and get it processed. They behaved in a non serious manner.
People raise many doubts about the intentions of the Forest Department in regard to framing of recruitment rules. As long as the rules are not framed, the functionaries of the department have the freedom of framing their own rules arbitrarily and implement these at will and selectively. That is the defeat of the concept of transparency and fair deal. Once the rules are framed then nobody can have the guts to break the rules and go by their own will. However, when the court was assured that virtually all the formalities had been completed and now only the notification of the rules remains to be done, the court granted last extension.


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