Rebuilding schools

During this summer, the Valley saw a prolonged strike for nearly four months in which violence took place intermittently. Nearly 39 school buildings were torched by the militants. It appeared the militants did not like the students to go to these Government schools where secular and non-sectarian education is imparted. This senseless act of depriving thousands of students of their education caused great resentment among all sections of society. The Chief Justice of the State was greatly agonized by this unkind and brutal act. He took suo moto cognizance of the case of destroying school buildings and issued instructions to the Government to use its powers to stop burning of schools.
Now in a recent verdict the HC has ordered the Government to rebuild these school buildings so that the students of the localities where these were situated are able to resume their education properly. This is a welcome step and we appreciate the concern of the HC and hope that the Government will understand the urgency of rebuilding the school buildings. Looking in retrospect one can say that this is the unique example in the world where the people are destroying their own educational institutions not realizing that it takes long time and effort and social security to rebuild the schools and make them functional once again.