Railways munificent to awardees

All civilized countries in the world are happy to be out of the way munificent to their war heroes. Living heroes are provided a number of facilities in lieu of services they have rendered to the nation. They have made no mean a service but  actually putting life to open risk so that fellow citizens could live in peace and tranquillity.
We have learnt with great satisfaction that the Railways Minister has ordered that Ashok Chakra and Kirti Chakra awardees can now travel for free in executive class in any train for life, giving them travel benefits at par with the recipients of Param Vir Chakra and Maha Vir Chakra. We feel happy that by allowing the awardees this facility, the nation is recognizing their services and is trying to make their lives a little more comfortable. Looking in retrospect we find that ever since the Father of the Nation launched the freedom movement way back in late 19th century and carried it all the way through to 1947, a large number of patriotic and dedicated Indians, including those who fell fighting WW II either in Burma or in Iraq Front were among the forerunners of martyrs who followed them in the path of struggle for freedom. By ordering this concession for the bravest of the brave the Railways Minister has actually done honour the entire nation which feels proud of their soldiers and officers in the defence forces. Our army is the finest in the world not only in war and on the field but in peace and in caring for the civilian population also. In how many natural disasters in different parts of the country our Army and Air Force and Navy have played crucial role in saving the lives of the people and property. They deserve much more and the nation will never fail them.