PVC for Brig Rajinder Singh

Reference DE Oct 26  article demanding and  justifying award of PVC to Late Brig Rajinder Singh who fought upto last man and last bullet for defending the Kashmir valley during 1947. The rarest and rare example of bravery and supreme sacrifice made by the Brigadier and the band of his warriors, thwarting the opponents (more than 6000 kabalis) against the micro strength of only 100 jawans, he had with him, indeed deserves the highest gallantry award. As the awards always are in proportionate to the degree of sacrifice one does in the theatre of war, the late Brigadier, who undeterred by the loss of his life, made matchless sacrifice as a commander of the forces under Maharaja Hari Singh in those critical days. For true commemoration of his death anniversary, the award of PVC (Posth) will not only encourage our soldiers who still insistently and constantly remain engaged defending the borders of the State, but also be a fair recognition and justice to his imparalleled martyrdom.
Yours etc….
Keshwa Nand Sharma
Salehri (Sunder Bani)