Process of eco reforms incomplete, fresh thinking needed: Manmohan

BENGALURU: Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today said the process of economic reforms he was associated with was “still incomplete” and that a “fresh thinking” was needed to evolve a new design for the country’s social and economic policy.

            The policy should be a judicious mix of both high rate of economic growth and a strong focus on containing economic inequalities, said Singh, considered the architect of the economic liberalisation measures unleashed in 1991.

            Noting that the opening of new opportunities for people born without social and economic privileges was the beacon behind economic reforms he was associated with, he said the process was still incomplete, and “we need fresh thinking.”

            “Development planning and the Planning Commission were designed to ensure that while our economy grew, inequalities did not grow. With the abolition of the Planning Commission fresh efforts have to be made to keep inequality under control,” Singh said.  (AGENCIES)