Practice of altruism most beneficial to entire sentient beings: Dalai Lama

Dalai Lama greeting the monks and devotees on 3rd day of his teaching session in Leh on Saturday. —Excelsior/Stanzin
Dalai Lama greeting the monks and devotees on 3rd day of his teaching session in Leh on Saturday. —Excelsior/Stanzin

Excelsior Correspondent
LEH, Aug 20: Continuing with the teaching on Shantideva’s–a Guide to the Bodhisattva’s way of life (Chodjug), spiritual leader Dalai Lama today asserted that practice of altruism is most beneficial to entire sentient beings.
Delivering sermons on third day of teaching session, Dalai Lama said, “the more we practice altruism to help others, the more we will benefit ourselves as this helps us to live longer with peace of mind”, adding “in this way, we will be able to serve the humanity for longer period of time”.
He emphasized upon the devotees to pray with good intension to live longer and to get more chances to practice Buddha Dharma to attain Bodhichitta, adding “the human life has the base to attain Buddhahood”. He further said, “we have negative instinct of harming others and right from childhood we all are under the influence of negative emotion such as killing insects and harming others which happens due to our past Karma or habituation with negative attitude”.
“From the beginning, we are befriended with ignorance about reality of things and we absorb self-cherishing act and now due to Buddha teaching, we are awakening from sleep of ignorance”, Dalai Lama said, adding “we should practice Bodhichitta– the altruistic thought to help others to focus on enlightenment Buddhahood”.
“When we practice Budhichitta to help others we have short term and long term benefits like taking rebirth in the higher realms of birth cycle wheel of life and short term benefit of peaceful mind which results into healthy body”, he said.
On the occasion, hundreds of monks and general devotees led by Galdan Tri Rinpochey and LBA President Tsewang Thinles offered “Stenjuk” to Dalai Lama praying for his longevity and good health.
Expressing his gratitude for offering “Stenjuk” to pray for his longevity, Dalai Lama said, “their prayer with great devotion and faith would help him live longer and in this way, he can serve for the welfare of entire sentient beings”.
On the final day of his teachings tomorrow, Dalai Lama will impart long life teaching “Tsewang” to the general public.