Power crisis in Birpur industries

Birpur Small Scale Industries Association (BSSIA) has lodged strong protest against the callousness of the PDD, which is starving their small scale industries for want of regular power supply. Does not PDD understand that frequent power cuts, low voltage, power suspension for days at end etc. all lead to heavy losses to the small scale industries? The height of irresponsibility is that in spite of drawing the attention of the authorities to the grave power situation, nobody is paying any heed as if it does not concern them. Day in and day out there is tantrum by official circles that small scale industries are the backbone of our economy and a big source of self employment for which the Government is duty bound to provide all help. Is this the help that PDD is providing to the Birpur industries? The Association has a cogent argument that ten to twenty minutes cut at least 5-6 times in a day is a routine matter, and sometimes there is a failure of 5-6 hours of power supply. He asserts that they are all 100 per cent metered units and pay huge tariffs every month. Besides all this, their machines get damaged putting the unit holders to financial loss.