Polluting RSD lake water

It was the crystal clear blue water of RSD lake which not only tempted our beloved previous Chief Minister late  Mufti Mohammad Sayeed to adopt the Hr. Secondary School of Basohli but took a resolve to utilize the full tourist potential of the area in order to bring it on the international tourist map. To translate the resolve, Swachh Bharat, of the Prime Minister  in reality, the countrymen plunged into the Abhiyan whole heartedly. Many programs to clean the rivers, lakes, and water reservoirs have been undertaken by the State Governments. In the days of Swachh Bharat the dirt and garbage looks like a blot on the civilized society. The Governments and the NGOs are sparing no efforts in plugging the sources which pollute the rivers and the water sources in the country. At a time when the whole nation has initiated a war against  house hold garbage,  water and air pollution, a department of Jammu and Kashmir which claims to have received life time rewards for saving and  protecting  environment and ecology from pollution seems hell-bent in violating the crusade of Clean India started by the Prime Minister by constructing  latrines for the employees at a place adjacent to the Atal Setu where both the drainage water pipes of the bath rooms and that of the septic tank open perpendicularly over the crystal clear water of the RSD lake. The affluents from the latrine drainage and the soapy water from the bath rooms will not only pollute the lake water but will stink the whole area around the Atal Setu which always remains crowded with the tourists. The place where the latrines are constructed is neither suitable according to the security nor traffic point of view. It is a brazen act of the department to construct such structures at vulnerable places flouting the norms of security. The selection of the place for latrines and diverting their drainage water into the RSD indicates contrast between what the forest department claims and what it actually does.
Yours etc…
Shiv Kumar Padha