Polluted Tawi

In reference to the photograph published in DE (Dated 29 November) with caption “River Tawi or garbage dumping site?”, it is now evident that the condition of Tawi is deplorable. Rivers are considered as the lifelines of the Civilizations, and undoubtedly, Tawi possesses its own unique cultural and geographical importance. But it is very displeasing to witness its unfortunate condition. And for this we all are equally responsible.
We all are stakeholders of our natural resources, hence it is our obligation to vow not to pollute Tawi and not letting others to do so and should move forth in its preservation.Also, the concerned authorities should also come forward with bold action$ to bring back the glory of ‘Suryaputri’ Tawi. Moreover, ambitious projects like face lifting River Tawi on the marks of Sabarmati River should be implemented without any further delay.
Yours etc….
Ratul Dhiman