PoJK and Chhamb refugees

The Central Government’s Assistance Scheme for Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir (PoJK) and Chennab refugees worth over Rs.2000 crore stands extended till the year 2020 . This decision of great significance was recently taken by the Union Cabinet which was chaired by Prime Minister Modi . In the same Cabinet meeting, sanction was accorded for 7.118 acres of Defence land for construction of Kendriya Vidyalaya No.2 in Udhampur.
Addressing long pending issue of compensation and assistance of refugees from Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir and Chhamb by the present Government is noteworthy. It is not that the problem stand fully resolved as per aspirations of the concerned beneficiaries but the fact cannot be brushed aside that both these glaring problems were conveniently kept in a freezer by the successive Governments at the Centre so far.
Due to completion of certain formalities and other associated reasons , lot of time was getting expended in making payments of relief to about 26319 PoJK refugees and 10500 Chhamb migrants , the Union Cabinet, therefore,  extended the term of the Central scheme till 2020. While it is a welcome step that a three year extension was decided, it must be incumbent upon the implementing agencies to gear up the process of identification , verification, noting bank details, Aadhar details and their cross tallying  and other requirements through single window system so that developing a lethargy that three years more were given, was avoided . At the same time, it is natural that the beneficiaries in their own interest, completed formalities at the earliest so that payments could be made.
The administration had identified 26319 families of PoJK refugees for payment of Rs. 5.5 lac per family after the Union Home Ministry formally approved Rs.2000 crore packages. However, only 6200 families have been paid the relief so far even as 17500 cases have been approved and 11488 processed for payment.
The eligible beneficiaries, otherwise,  must be feeling  satisfied that the scheme is being monitored and implemented by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs  (MHA)  and even payment to the refugee families has been taken by the MHA in its own hands through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) system. It is not that aspersions are cast on the State Government in this regard but admittedly, the issue could comparatively be well handled by the MHA than the State Government.
However, we expect that those cases which are held up due to reasons of insufficient or unverified particulars of prime details like Aadhar etc are settled at an early date , of course, after being fully sure that the payments were being made to genuine persons only.