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Need for launching of a comprehensive Blue Revolution: PM

Need for launching of a comprehensive Blue Revolution: PM

NEW DELHI : Prime Minister Narendra Modi today gave a call for launching of a comprehensive Blue Revolution the way in which several initiatives and concrete steps were taken to start Green Revolution and White Revolution in the past.
Inaugurating the three-day long first International Agro-biodiversity Congress here, the Prime Minister said India has the unique strength in bio-diversity and this must be made use of in an effective manner. “While in West, we have deserts, in far off east, the environment is green. There are Himalayas in the north, the south of India is surrounded by ocean,” he said.
The “Blue Revolution” refers to the remarkable emergence of aquaculture as an important and highly productive agricultural activity.
The Prime Minister said the modern agriculture has focused chiefly on a few select farm items and dwelt on fewer animals. This was unlike the traditional practices in India in the past, he said, adding that various rituals and cultural practices in India sought to “keep balance in bio-diversity and also help the farming community”.
In this context, he said the United Nations has admitted in is 2030 Sustainable Development Goals that there is vital role to be played by the civilisational values and culture. “Even in the world agriculture, there is inclusion of term culture,” Mr Modi said.
Underlining the need for multi-pronged researches, he said the uniqueness of each Indian state vis-a-vis agro-based products need to be understood and exploited well. In Himachal Pradesh, he said one variety of mushroom has high medicinal values and studies ought to be made on how to produce such mushrooms in other parts of the country. The Prime Minister said while there was a need for “value addition” to various agro-products, it ought to be kept in mind the intervention does not mean interference with nature. “It is such interference with nature over the decades that human beings have created a big challenge before them in the form of climate change,” Mr Modi said, adding that the increase in average temperature has affected the life cycle of animals and different species.
He pointed out at the high quality rice from Kerala and said similarly there were things to emulate on animal farming and agriculture from the state of Gujarat too. The Prime Minister repeatedly cautioned against what he said – “Vikas ki andhaa daur (unbridled race for development)” and said over the centuries the gross exploitation of nature has been extreme by human kind.
“This has added to the challenge in our time and thus the importance of research in terms of maintenance of global heath, environment and balance in agro bio diversity has become all the more important,” he said.
Mr Modi pointed out that technological advancement has also time and again left negative impact. In this context, he pointed out at the use of pesticides and said how such methodology has also destroyed insects which were essential for keeping the right balance of bio-diversity.
As many as 900 agriculture scientists and experts from 60 countries are participating in the Conference, which will go on till November 9.
The Congress will also among other issues deal with the role of individuals in better management of the agro-biodiversity and conserving genetic resources. (AGENCIES)


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