Plug border loopholes

Refer news item ‘Gaps on borders to be plugged’ DE Mar 12.
The Indo-Pak border which passes through difficult terrain is very difficult to be monitor despite presence of security personnel in huge number keeping a strict vigil on it day and night all its length.
However, the country can’t take chances to let it remain so in view of increasing infiltration bids by Pak trained militants across the border.
The porous border has many ramifications for the security of the country. Keeping the vulnerability of the border in view, many illegal migrants  cross over  from Bangladesh and Myanmar  and settle in India for one reason or the other.
To keep these illegal migrants and militants at bay,  it is essential that we have a foolproof security arrangement at border. The security could be further enhanced by placing state of the art border surveillance system.
Yours etc….
Sanjay Sharma
Talab Till, Jammu