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PK warns GoI against secessionist whirlpool being built in J&K

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JAMMU, Jan 12: Panun Kashmir today warned the Government of India particularly the Prime Minister of India, about the dangerous secessionist whirlpool being built within the State and alleged that a fierce and a sinister secessionist competition is going on in the State between the leaders of the ruling alliance and the opposition.
Talking to reporters here today PK convener Dr Agnishekhar and its chairman Dr Ajay Chrungoo urged the Government of India that it will prove disastrous to ignore the dangerous trend of competitive secessionism infecting the proceedings of the State Assembly brought to the fore by media. On the floor of the Assembly dreaded terrorist Burhan was described as a martyr recently while none other than the CM of the State described accession of J&K State with the Union of India as merely “technical”.
They said it is unfortunate that the ruling alliance in the State led by PDP has chosen to disapprove and distance itself from the stated position of Government of India vis a vis Pakistan, terrorism as well as separatism in the State. It is advocating demilitarization of the State, unconditional dialogue with Pakistan and the separatists in the State, taking away of land used by the security forces in the State, removal of AFPSA and return of hydroelectric projects run by NHPC in the State. The views of the State Government and the Central Government on issues pertaining foreign policy concerning Pakistan and internal security and home policy with regard to the State are clearly at loggerheads with each other. What can be more dangerous than this grim reality they asked?
The PK leaders condemned the forays of the group led by Yashwant Sinha a senior leader of BJP. “We are all fully aware of the role played by Wajahat Habbibullah as well as Sushoba Bharve all through in promoting secessionist politics and delegitimizing patriotic resistance against separatism in the State. Panun Kashmir rejected the report of this group, they added.
They said the report is no more than a brazen subversive proposition and a veiled ultimatum to Government of India to come to terms with secessionist movement in the State or else face a catastrophic situation in 2018.
We have no hesitation in stating that back channel interventions for engagement with separatists have been intrusions which have strengthened the separatist campaign in the State, discredited the state responses to Jihadi separatism in the State and acted as fuel to it. Government of India should make its position clear on such interventions in the State by persons who have nothing to do with the State and who in the name of building peace have invariably jeopardized it, they added.
The PK leaders said that there is nothing holy about Agenda of Alliance. This Agenda is a brazen subversive declaration. The longer the State Government sticks to it as a gospel guide, the more permissive will it become to the separatist interests. Declaration of ex-gratia to the kith and kin of seditionists is in fact a declaration of the fact that the heart of the present Government lies on the other side.
Panun Kashmir wants to make it clear that in Jammu and Kashmir more than six million Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists constitute almost half of its population. They have neither conceded their rights to separatist class in the State nor to Government of India and all of them are committed to fight and defeat separatism and Islamic fundamentalism come what may.


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