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PK asks UN to declare Sallah-ud-Din, Azhar as international terrorists

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JAMMU, Jan 14: Panun Kashmir (PK) held a meeting of its Political Affairs Committee (PAC) here, today which was presided over by Prof. M.L.Raina, Chairman, of the Committee which discussed the current socio political scenario in the State.
The participants among others included Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo, President, PK, Virender Raina, national spokesperson, Upinder Kaul, general secretary, Kamal Bagati, organising secretary, Vijay Qazi and Sameer Bhat.
While addressing the meeting Ashwani Chrungoo said that the role of the United Nations in relation to Kashmir has ended after the Shimla Agreement. As the new General Secretary of the world body has taken over, we appealed  him to prevail upon the State of Pakistan to stop exporting terror into the State of J & K. Pakistan should not allow its territory to be used for harboring, planning and executing cross border terrorism into India. Kashmir is politically a settled issue and the only issue that needs resolution is the reclamation of Pak occupied Jammu and Kashmir from the illegal occupation of Pakistan.
We also in formed him that KPs are the prime sufferers of the Pak sponsored terrorism in Kashmir due to which they had to face ethnic cleansing and exodus in their own country. The UN also needs to declare Maulana Masood Azhar and Syed Sallah-ud-Din as international terrorists and Pakistan should be forced to bring them to justice and hand them over to India.
Prof. M.L.Raina, said that P K ought to evolve a comprehensive strategy to bring succor to the internally displaced K P refugees. The Homeland struggle is meant to restore them (KPs) their abode of the last thousands of years. Pandits cannot now subjugate themselves to the servitude of the majoritarian politics. The grand design of Muslim precedence in every sphere has played havoc with the life of the community in Kashmir. The government has to take the concerns of the community seriously in order to find a lasting solution to the issue.
He made it clear that in this context, the Margdarshan Resolution demanding Homeland for the Pandits in Kashmir is the only way out.
Virender Raina, said that PK would continue to strengthen the idealogical planks of the Homeland struggle. “We have succeeded in creating a global consciousness regarding the human rights violations of the minorities in Kashmir,. The Kashmiri Pandits have always been in the forefront of the nationalist struggle in the State,. We appeal to the Government to strengthen the hands of the nationalist forces in the State in order to act as a bulwark against the obscurantist forces”.


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