The pen is deathless, perpetual and immortal

Those cowards, who acting as stooges of a country, the state policy of which is promoting terrorism and religious hatred, not knowing that they were axing the same branch of the tree on which they were sitting at a height, and who have transformed themselves into killers, shooters, abductors, stone pelters and hardened criminals, killed in cold blood, a senior journalist Shujaat Bukhari on the evening of June 14 outside his office at Srinagar Press Enclave. Along with the journalist, the Editor-in-Chief of The Rising Kashmir, two of his security officials too were killed.
Not only the entire journalist fraternity is shocked and dismayed over such a shameful dastardly act of cowards, but all those who love and respect peace, freedom of speech and expression and rule of the law.
That the hired hoodlums of the enemy of peace and civilized world, reported to be three riding a motor cycle, emptied two magazines resorting to indiscriminate firing of such intensity that the bullets hit the walls of the adjacent buildings. They made sure that their target had been felled as he had survived three assassination attempts earlier. The firing created panic in the area and the killers made good their escape.
The occasion is not only to condemn such brutal attacks but an introspection is sincerely needed by those pockets and elements who lose no occasion to berate the security forces and show sympathy towards these outlawed who do not know what they are doing, what for they are doing it all and what purpose was it going to fetch excepting death and destruction all these three decades this proxy war launched by Pakistan, had resulted in.
Can these outlawed goons take it that by killing the courageous mediaman they can silence the saner voices, the opinion, varied and heterogeneous views which are  central and basic to democracy and which the constitution of the country guarantees? Can such debased barbarian acts muzzle and silence the power of the pen? Can they ever succeed in “Killing” the pen? Do they not know that the pen has always triumphed and remained at the top?
The peace efforts sincerely made by the Central Government in suspending operations against terrorists for the month of Ramzan looking to its sanctity so that the common Kashmiri could breathe an air of assurance in a  de-escalated landscape  where a halt was ordered  to using any type of ammunition during this month, have been aborted and thwarted by the terror groups operating in the valley. It was, on the contrary, incumbent upon the terror outfits to respond positively all, at least, in the interests of the common people. They, instead took this peace initiative as an affront, as an antidote to the impact of their nefarious designs and surprisingly, intensified their attacks on security forces, the Jammu and Kashmir Police personnel and the civilians.
Martyring two local Policemen who were planning with high hopes to celebrate Eid with their families and abducting an army Jawan belonging to Poonch and martyring by spraying bullets on him, have been acts of utter savagery and brutality all during the holy month. Those who have no regard and reverence for the religion, they tall claim to “fight for”, have exposed themselves double- crossing. They shall have to pay for all such acts and pay, now, heavily.