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Patanjali may source agri produce from Telangana: Kavitha

HYDERABAD, Jan 20:  Yoga guru Baba Ramdev-promoted Patanjali Ayurved is exploring the possibility of sourcing for its Nagpur plant agricultural produce from Telangana, where it is also looking at setting up a production facility, TRS Lok Sabha member Kalvakuntla Kavitha said today.
The Nizamabad MP said Patanjali has sought a list of crops that Telangana produces, adding that preliminary details have been given to it.
She is planning to meeting Patanjali officials next month to understand “what exactly they require”.
Patanjali has conveyed that if they set up a plant in Nizamabad, they can source “most of agriculture produce” from entire Telangana, according to her.
“We will set up a meeting between them and (Telangana) Industries Minister soon, hopefully sometime in February. Then, I think it (the proposal for setting up a plant in Nizamabad) will go (move forward),” Kavitha told PTI here.
“They (Patanjali) are keen to work with us. We are working out the details what exactly they can come up with because they have a plant in Nagpur, so they are trying to map the raw materials that they search for Nagpur and how much of that is available in Telangana because Nizamabad is quite close to Nagpur,” she said.
Noting that there is rail and road-connectivity between Nizamabad and Nagpur, Kavitha said: “They are working out meticulously on all those details. My (initial) request for them (Patanjali) was to source turmeric from the farmers of Nizamabad and give them good price. That was my main concern. I am quite hopeful something will come out that.”
“We are (now) trying to see that it (Patanjali’s initiatives) benefits as many farmers as possible, not only turmeric…Various other raw materials that they source for their products…They are (now) trying to map most of them (agricultural produce in Telangana),” she added. (PTI)


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