Pancham stages ‘Court Martial’

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Nov 6: Pancham Society for Art & Culture Upliftment presented a Hindi play “Court Martial” written by Swadesh Deepak and directed by young director Vijay Goswami at Abhinav Theatre, here today.
Director, Rural Development Jammu, RK Bhat, former Secretary, JKAACL, Prof. Rita Jatinder besides prominent citizens, students and a large of number of theatre lovers witnessed the scintillating performance.
The play depicts the social prejudice of casteism which is still prevalent in spite of constitutional equality to every person without any discrimination of any caste, creed, colour, sex or religion.
The main plot of the story revolves around, Court Martial going on a soldier named Ram Chandar who is accused of  killing one of his senior officers and physically hurting another officer.
Court Martial ceremony is addressed by another experienced military officer Col Surat Singh who had witnessed many wars and experienced life and death situations many a times in his life. But the situation of Ram Chandar was completely different than what has been actually portrayed.
Today’s performance was marked by brilliant acting by Vijay Goswami as Col Surat Singh, Surinder Sharma as CO, Balwinder Singh as Captain Bikash Roy, Varun Sharma as Captain B D Kapoor, Rohitashiv Sharma as Major Puri , Aditya Bhanu as Subedaar Balwan Singh, Pradeep Sharma as Slaahkaar Judge, Susheel Raina as Ram Chander, Rishabh Sharma as doctor and Ravinder Manhas as guard.
The lights were designed by Manoj Bhat while music was scored by Ravinder Sharma, who also played apt role in accentuating the dramatic effects. Appropriate make up by Varun Sharma, costume by Pooja and sets designed by Uplaksh Kotwal all added to success of today’s play.