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Pak Trumped

It is no longer business as usual between United States and Pakistan as it has not been between India and Pakistan. With US President Donald Trump’s tweet and subsequent US actions, US-Pak ties went into a “tailspin”, as had Indo-Pak relationship after the Narendra Modi government took over in 2014.
Whatever little warmth was there in Indo-Pakistan relationship went south after India chose not to hold talks with Pakistan until and unless cross-border terrorism stopped. Now, the United States has suspended aid to Pakistan unless and until Pakistan dealt with terror emanating from Afghan Taliban and the Haqqani Network.
With both countries, Pakistan has chosen not to change policy citing national interest. Army calls the shots in Pakistan. The civilian Government merely echoes. Nawaz Sharif would have resisted the Army but he has been removed. The Pakistan Army does not want an end to the Kashmir dispute and conflict and it believes Afghanistan is “its” for better or worse.
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Adity Aamir
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Refer article ‘Trump has rightly rattled Pak’ De Jan 09, 2018
Gen Kakkar has very appropriately worded the article and analysed the situation. I’d like to add that, it may be in India’s interest to have a stable Pak as India has no expansionist policy, whereas it suits China to have a ‘beggar’ Nation as a neighbour. So long as terror along China Pak border is under check, terror  in Pak fits Chinese design. China’s stand on Hafiz at the UN is adequate proof thereof.
The day is not far when USA further distances itself from Pak and China will create a situation where 99 years lease of Pak soil, Pak ports and facilities to China will be unavoidable.
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Sidarth Seth
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