Pak censured

Refer news item ‘Pak has given us nothing but lies and deceit  : ‘Trump’ DE Jan 2, 2018.
The American President has in no uncertain terms censured Pakistan for promoting terrorism.
Though Trump has issued a number statements in this regard earlier also, there seems to be no effect on Pakistan yet.
Pakistan shows signs of nervousness after every such statement either by issuing rebullets or by detaining one or two terrorists, but doing nothing in real sense. Had Pakistan been under pressure, it would have taken a number of step to close down terror camps dotting the Pakistan landscape. It would not have released Mumbai attack mastermind Hafiz Saeed from detention, and allowed him to address rallies and public gatherings in Pakistan. Every nation knows that Pakistan is using terrorism as a Pak Policy to achieve its objectives in India and Afghanistan, the two nations hard hit by terrorism,  but remain unconcerned about it. Unless all countries castigate Pakistan, it is not going to wind up its terror camps, come what may.
Yours etc…
Sunil Sharma