Oppn protests, disrupts proceedings; stages walk out from Upper House

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Jan 11:  Opposition National Conference and Congress members today again held protest in the Upper House against the remarks of the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti and disrupted proceedings for about 25 minutes and then staged walk out after the Chairman Anayat Ali did not allow them to raise their voice.
Today, again when Upper House of the Legislature started its normal business, the opposition National Conference and   Congress members stood up from their seats  and drawn the attention of the Chairman  towards the issue which was also raised on Tuesday by the members with regard to the `serious remarks’ of the Chief Minister that `Kashmir unrest was pre-planned’. The Chief Minister was also present in the House that time.
Dr Bashir Ahmed Veeri from NC and Jugal Kishore Sharma from Congress pleaded the chair to listen to the opposition  and  take cognizance of their words. They claimed that the matter was serious and Government must respond. For the last two days, the Opposition members are seeking clarification from the Government on these remarks.  Juggal Kishore also demanded that Govt should also clarify that for what they have announced Rs 5 lakh for some Valley people. Was it reward for treason or something else.
All the opposition members including Sajjad Ahmed Kichloo, Dr Shehnaz Ganai, Showkat  Ganai, Ali Mohd Dar,  Master Noor Hussain, Naresh Gupta, Ghulam Nabi Monga,  Muzaffar Parray, Sham Lal Bhagat and  Rani Gargi Billoria kept staging protest at their seats. The Chairman despite   noise and  slogans went ahead with the ‘Question Hour’ business. Besides, Chief Minister, Minister for Education  Naeem Akhtar, Minister for R&B and Parliamentary Affairs Abdul Rehman Veeri,  Minister for Revenue Basharat Ahmed Bukhari   were also there in the House.   They did not pay much attention towards their slogans and pleas.
Amidst chaos  and noise,  the Chairman continued  with the questions of the members. The proceedings were, however, not clearly audible in the House. Then the protesting opposition members staged walk out after disrupting proceedings for about  25 minutes in the House. Thereafter, the question Hour with only treasury benches went ahead smoothly.
After some time, when the House proceedings were going on,  the Chairman Anayat Ali asked the PDP minister and leader of the House Naeem Akhtar and Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Abdul Rehman Veeri to bring the angry opposition members inside. He said it does not look nice in the Parliamentary  democracy to conduct business in the House without opposition. Moreover,  after some time Budget is being presented in the House.
Then both the PDP ministers moved to the Central hall and brought all the opposition members inside. Hardly one or two questions could be taken up after their arrival.
After coming into the House, the Chairman gave opportunity to the two members to convey their concern. The opposition members alleged that Chairman being custodian of the House was not fair with the opposition.  He tried to snub them and was not prepared to listen to them at all. Opposition members have the full right to speak. They should also be give fair treatment.  Jugal Kishore, Dr Veeri and GN Monga conveyed their concern and sought reply from the Govt on CM’s remarks.
Upon this, Minister for Education Naeem Akhtar,  who is also Leader of this House stood up on the behalf of the Government  and said that in this House of  Elders, people have high expectations about the descend behavior of the members. “Instead of generating heat, a light should go from this House’. He said that tomorrow, Chief Minister would reply to the debate on  Governor’s Address. Their concern is expected to be covered in tomorrow’s speech of  the  CM. He politely pleaded to the opposition members to have patience and allow the smooth conduct of business in the House. Dr Shehnaz Ganai, who also intended to present his remarks was not taken care of  by the ‘chair’. She lodged protest and staged walk out as the ‘Question Hour’ concluded in the House.