Olympian Geeta Phogat launches sleep@10

Excelsior Correspondent

MUMBAI, Mar 3: Godrej Interio, India’s leading furniture and interior solutions brand, launched a new health awareness campaign-sleep@10.
Launched by Olympian, Geeta Phogat, the campaign was born during the product development stage of their healthcare range. #sleepat10 is an initiative that aims to spread awareness about the importance of good sleep for your physical and mental wellbeing.
To aid the sleep@10 concept, Interio has created a sleep-o-meter that hopes to encourage and track our sleeping patterns, thus helping us to maintain a healthy sleeping habit and thus transform our lives.
Expressing her appreciation to the Godrej Interio team for taking up this vital issue, Geeta Phogat said, “Athletes need immense discipline owing to the high-octane physical activities that we engage in. Sleeping@10 was non-negotiable in my house. My father ensured we all slept by then. I believe this routine is not just essential for a wrestler but all of us if we wish to have a stress free and healthy lifestyle”.
Dr Devnani, Clinical Director at Sleep Disorder Clinic, also spoke on the benefits of sleeping early and how this was a very pertinent conversation for India. Dr Devnani said,”Sleep is the single most compromised aspect of life. The addiction to technology and multiple devices all through the day and accessing them immediately before sleeping is also on the rise. Sleep@10 aims to help us follow a regime that will lead to healthy sleeping habits and avoid stress and other health diseases that result from insomnia.
Commenting on the sleep@10 concept, Anil Mathur, COO, Godrej Interio, said,”Sleep@10 is a concept that actually emerged from the product development stage of our healthcare range. As we delved deeper, we realised the concern was much larger than just selecting the right mattress. Most of India is sleep deprived. This has to be spoken about in order to ensure a much productive and healthier us”.