Of Targets

Rajeshwar Singh ‘Raju’

We bankers are quite prone to this term__ TARGET which haunts us even during sound sleep and  wake up all of a sudden and go on assuming what strategies we will be making in near future to cope up with this particular word. It’s a word  which we are scared of and never want to listen or even think of it. Even then we are always under compulsion to deal with it. If we look at other fields of life even then we find our selves quite familiar with it as it has become a prominent word in modern era.
Now-a-days Targets find a significant place in art arena also. Like a true professional, every artist sets a definite target each year and passes certain resolutions to achieve  them. They know the fact that there is no fun of flying in air without proper apparatus so as to ensure safe landing. Now the platform is life and space may be considered as phases of life. What matters at last is the peaceful and prosperous life both in terms of achievements in professional and domestic life.
I know a person who welcomes New Year not only to celebrate it and bid farewell to dying year but also takes it an opportunity to frame new resolutions for coming year. As he has been a writer, he makes certain targets to achieve literary pursuits and puts in all sincere efforts to achieve the same. In a more professional way he divides the year into certain parts as per his convenience and decides how much time he will devote to different aspects of writing like poetry, short stories, plays and serials.
Moreover, after every two years he has set target to get a book published in his name. For the same he has allotted certain time for short stories and never makes compromise with that time slot. That’s why he never fails in his commitment to release a book after every two years.
In fact targets are set at an early stage. For example, even birth of child also accounts for target set by his/her parents. Parents set a target that how many kids they wish to have and when to profits which is good for family planning as certain economic factors are also accountable for enhancing family. Every new entry in family asks for financial burden and parents decide when  will they be comfortable to carry on the burden and offer all comforts to their kid which has been a healthy sign. But for what we have been concentrating on this column propagates the truth that TARGETS find an important place in every sphere of life these days.
In fact, it brings  discipline in every field of life.  If one sets up the target, then he /she is ready to face up the repercussions of same also. One is not puzzled as one knows that within what time limit one has to complete creative works and one manages accordingly.
At the same time, it needs to be added here that those who set no targets live aimless life as they have no direction. Directionless initiatives lead to nowhere and result in posing all sorts of threats for a peaceful future. If we cast a look on individuals, the then it’s quite encouraging to mention here that almost everyone has his/her own target. Even students are in the habit of setting alarm for particular time to wake up early in the morning with a mission to study. It can also be treated as a target that you have to wake up at set time and read set subjects. It depends upon the person whether he/she comes up to the expectations of the set targets or not? Then they decide to study as per a time table with defined time slots given to respective subjects that also reflect just the target.
Not only at individual levels but in all organizations targets are set with different periods and then all sincere efforts are expected from all employees to achieve the set targets. Such targets help in motivating the employees and earn profits. Similar is the case with artists also. Although it’s an interesting point to note that unlike others artists don’t get bound within time frame. They set the target for completion of a creative work but when it will get completed even they don’t know. Reason is quite obvious.
In art, you cannot press yourself to finish a task within limited time period. As art has been the reflection of innermost feeling, artist cannot be expected as a machine and act mechanically. There are certain factors responsible for creative output. However , if one gets engaged in a creative work, unless that gets to its real shape there is no mental peace for the artist. There are the artists who don’t bother about day and night and get involved so much that they seem like living in a new world, deprived of day-night cycle.
That’s why general masses have another feeling for genuine artists. They say them insane. Yes, of course the artists belong to entirely a new world. When they work on any art form, they get so involved in their project that all surroundings mean nothing to them. Such is the devotion that they become a part of an imaginative world where there is no one except that artist and his/her work. Intellectuals say that such dedication and so called insane approach has been a significant part of artist’s life. Their sole mission, ambition or target whatever one may say is total concentration on work. When it gets completed it is just ecstasy, a feel that can be felt only and can’t be described in words. While summing up, it can be said that TARGETS should be fixed by artists but no compromise with creativity at all. It should be related to Work and not Time Frame.