Occupied migrant properties

For the first time, a member of the legislature has raised a question about the status of the properties of Kashmiri Pandit displaced persons, and the Government has come out with a reply. Normally, nearly 4 lakh displaced Pandits considered pariah by official circles, have not been anybody’s concern. Government’s response to the question of the BJP MLC Mr. Raina was that nearly 200 complaints were received by the Government from the Pandit IDPs and six of these were addressed or are in the process of being addressed. This is the progress on forcible and illegal occupation of displaced persons’ property in the Valley. The reply did not make any mention of how much of Pandit property has been forcibly occupied by the R&B Kashmir Division and other departments under the pretext of building roads, schools, hostels, play grounds, dispensaries, police stations, panchayat ghars, mosques, orphanages, madrasahs of Jamaat-i-Islami and the rest of it. The Government did not say that the Government itself was among the land grabbers in this context with the properties of the displaced and exiled community.Government did not mention even a word about the distress sale through which the IDPs had to go through owing to immense financial constraints to survive and to care for their kids. Twenty-nine years have passed when they were hounded out of their homes, 200 complaints of misuse of their properties have been filed with the Government and in this long period only six cases have been addressed. It is not clear whether illegal occupation in these six cases has been vacated or they have been hinted to go for stay order, which would mean continuing their illegal occupation for another two or three decades by which time the real owners of the land will have expired and natural justice done to the displaced persons.