Obstructing rule of law

Sections of bureaucracy, creamy layer of civil society and some dishonest elected representatives of the people have come together to neutralize efforts of the Vigilance Organizations to bring the corrupt and tainted officials to book. The SVO has charged a number of Government functionaries with various charges that converge on corruption and other alleged crimes but the courts have ordered stay of their prosecution for one or the other reason. There are as many as 44 case which the Vigilance Organization has referred to court for examination and final verdict. The Vigilance Commission has, to the best of its knowledge, conducted fair investigation and after finding grave irregularities committed by the in-service functionaries have filed FIRs or investigation reports. It is more than six years in some cases that the stay was issued and the Government is not making serious efforts through its prosecutors and the Attorney to vacate the stay and proceed with handling the cases of corrupt persons in accordance with the law.
Several top Government Officers including IAS, IFS, senior doctors, Head of Departments (HoDs) and others holding significant postings in various offices were involved in corruption cases and irregularities, whose investigations has been stayed by different courts including the High Court and the Trial Courts and despite reminders by the Vigilance Organization to the GAD, the Department hasn’t initiated steps to take up the matter with the Advocate General to plead before the courts to contest the stay.
It is highly regrettable that there are moles within the Government machinery that are obstructing flow of justice in the State. It is really offending that a small section of interested people are busy at machinations to forestall Government’s struggle against corruption. We deprecate it and strongly recommend that the Government should intervene in the matter and see to it that the stay is vacated on war footing and justice is done to all.