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NSG gets shot in arm with grenade lobbing UAVs, dogo robot

NEW DELHI, Feb 19:
A grenade-dropping drone, 3D fly-on-the-wall radar to see through a 20-m-thick wall and a ‘dogo robot’ armed with remote pistol are some of the latest weaponry provided to the NSG to undertake lethal counter- terror operations with a punch of stealth.
The federal contingency force, drawing from its experiences in combating terror attacks and hostage situations in closed spaces in urban areas, has inducted some of the smartest gadgets and arms used by Special Forces and SWAT teams world over.
A senior official said the ‘black cats’ force, giving an edge to its sharp-shooters, has recently upgraded sniper rifles and inducted the German PSG1 A1 which carries an enhanced number of 20 rounds to engage and pin down targets for a longer time and is complemented with longer range and extreme accuracy.
The 7.2 kg weighing rifle with telescopic sight is an upgrade of the PSG1 sniper variant used by the marksmen of the National Security Guard till now. (PTI)


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