No transparency in RDD

It remains to be seen in the long wait of hope that transparency and probity were given prominence with no compromise of any nature in making appointments in Jammu and Kashmir State which otherwise is reeling under the menace of corruption. In an era of general awareness and chances of hiding and camouflaging being remote, any deviations from the set practices and procedures in engaging people as employees in Government departments are bound to boomerang into exposing those in the administration responsible for the said breach or the deliberate infraction.
It has surfaced that as many as 224 persons have been appointed in the Rural Development Department in district Rajouri under the PDP -BJP Coalition Government during the last three years jeopardizing the set norms related to such appointments. Were these appointments made on purely political considerations rather than on merit and other eligibility considerations could get unraveled only after an inquiry was instituted in the matter especially in the context of speculations that the “surfacing” was only a tip of the iceberg.  The number could far exceed 224 because the lists from other districts especially from Kashmir province are not compiled as yet.
Why were public notifications not issued and the entire exercise conducted in a hush – hush manner hardly needs any clarification excepting the assertion that the affliction of underhand means continues to haunt the  system resulting in eroding public confidence and trust. With such methods adopted, flagrantly are deprived those educated youth who are equipped with better claims of merit and eligibility criteria which is sheer injustice heaped on them with ulterior motives. It is reported that these “blue eyed” appointees have been placed under MGNREGA Scheme in which Government of India is providing huge funds at the disposal of the State Government.
It would be interesting to have a sense of the breakup of the number of 224 in Rajouri district as 125 are appointed as Grameen Rozgar Sewaks, 72 are computer operators and data entry operators while 27 others are technical assistants. Not only this, the knots and whirls are many in the system as during the last 15 to 20 years many Technical Assistants have become Junior Engineers by managing promotions by “arranging” degrees.
Recommendations from political leaders and legislators, very often influence rather ensure such appointments and when after a strong hue and cry from the public, some formalities of inquiries are “ordered” against the delinquent authorities, the same politicians exert pressures on and even issue warnings to those conducting enquiries to see to it that a clean chit was given in the enquiry report. An ACD during whose regime all such placements and appointments were made, was booked by Vigilance Organization and despite the “case”, he has been enjoying plum posting in Rural Development Department and heading an important district due to his political clout. This is the ugliest face of the stinking system which if attempted to change by some honest and sincere politician or some top bureaucrat; there is stiff opposition and resistance.
The ends of justice would fairly meet in ordering an enquiry into the entire issue so that those responsible for the criminal goof are named , shamed and exposed in the instant matter.