No dearth of opportunities in J&K to excel in cricket world: Shubham

Amit Katoch
Jammu, Feb 21: Individual talent impacts the game only but collective team work, effort, contribution and positive spirit produce the champions. This is what the only cricketer from J&K till now who had played for India Under-19 opined about his game. He is very optimistic about the future of cricket in J&K and finds no dearth of opportunities to grow in the world of cricket here.
“Cricket journey which started six years back with no serious intentions to play professionally has now become a ultimate and  unseparable  goal of my life. I am addicted now to wear Indian Cricket Team Jersey and for that I have aligned my game in that direction and practising hard to achieve this feat.”  Shubham Khajuria, young emerging sensation from cricket world of J&K said during an Exclusive  interview with the Excelsior News Channel.
Regarding the performance  in the recent Ranji Trophy, Shubham Khajuria informed that the season had remained in his favour and he exploited it to the  maximum possible extent.
“This season remained good for me and I enlisted  myself in the top 10 highest scorers of India with 777 runs to my credit and the T-20 played during Ranji Trophy remained also  fruitful to me. Now Ranji Trophy one day  series is approaching in the near future and the practise for  the same is going on in full swing,” he said.
On the issue of lack of opportunities given to  perform internationally to  the talented cricketers of  J&K , Shubham said, ” as an individual, we have given good performances but at team level we had failed in creating successful and effective dent in the past but now from the last five to six years we are winning and giving positive results and that will create a difference. So team win matters not individual performances. If this team winning trend continues, certainly their will be no dearth of opportunities to   J&K cricketers in moving ahead in this field.”
When enquired about the  reasons behind youth prefering to opt other States than J&K to make their  career in cricket, Shubam replied positively and said, “I was also suggested by different people to play for some other State than J&K but I never realized or felt like till this stage  that there is lack of scope or opportunities in playing from J&K. As and when I have played good cricket for my State and team I had always received a higher and important role to play in the team.”
On favouratism and political interference in selection processes, he declined comments. However, he said that his performance and contribution to the team has always been given a due place and share in the process.
He was all praise for National Cricket Academy (NCA) when asked to share his experience and  difference of training he received there. ” I have been to NCA continuously for five years. The coaching staff and the infrastructure there is at par with international standard and even Indian Cricket team practises there before the start of any series. Every aspect of training is delt very seriously there in NCA. Your every act is being videographed, weaknesses are  highlighted and amended in  a professional way there”. However, he admitted the lack of cricket infrastucture in the State but mentioned that the State is advancing  every passing year in this field.
Shubham disclosed that none of the present international cricketers infused motivation in him. It was his  own performance for the State which started generating cricket character in him. Here he didn’t forget to mention the role and  real motivation that he  received time and again from his father who guided him regularly to remain focused on the  game.
He admired Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli  for their  technique and physical fitness respectively which they maintained.
He did not undermine the importance and  role of education in ones life and stressed to maintain a balanced approach both for academics and professional pursuits  when asked about maintaining educational equilibrium with respect to game.
In response to a query on immediate and ultimate goal, he said, “the target is to play for India. When I  had played India Under 19,  my next goal was to play for India. Every day when I do practise  I orient my game, effort and thinking in that way  that I have to play for India only”.
On the issue of drugs and youth, he appealed to the youngsters to be addict of their goals that they want to achieve ” I am addicted to my game. To play for India is my addiction. I feel uncomfortable, incomplete and something missing when I don’t attend my practise sessions. So, this type of addiction is good because it will take you, your State and country ahead, this is what I feel.” he said.