NC, Cong trying to create problems in Kashmir: Prof Gupta

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Jan 4: The former Union Minister, Prof. Chaman Lal Gupta has accused the NC and its fellow travellers in the Congress of trying to create problems in the troubled Valley of Kashmir by raising the boggy of violations of human rights and willingly and unwillingly strengthening the cause of those elements who are inimical to India.
Commenting on the hullboola being raised by these former rulers, Prof. Gupta said that ignoring the national interests and welfare of the peace loving people, who have been made virtually the hostages since long, the fingers are being raised against security forces in the name of violations of human rights although they are engaged in a most difficult task to liberate the suffering masses.
He said that it was a strange hypocrisy that the issues are being raked which were their own creations. He pointed out that there was far more bloodshed when they themselves were in power.
In this regard he quoted the facts and figures pointing out that since break out of armed militancy in 1989, there had been as many as about 70000 incidents of violence in the State but the largest number of such incidents had taken place during the period of 1997 to 2002 when National Conference was in full authority. During these six years as many as 21051 incidents were recorded in which 5584 civilians were killed and many others injured, he added.
The losses of the security forces wee 2170. As many as 8403 terrorists were eliminated. These included 2390 foreigners.
He said these figures itself reveal that about one third of the incidents as also the killings had taken place during this period. As total number of the killings of all type of people during past 20 years is about over 55000, he added.
Prof. Gupta said when in power the leaders of the ruling National Conference had been pleading for more effective measures to eliminate the menace of cross border terror including the bombing of the camps of the ultras across the border/LoC and had been saying that “ Latoon Kay Bhoot Batoon Say Nahin Mantay”.
He said it is strange that suggestions are being made to have political dialogue with the operators and supporters of the trouble but the question is that why such steps were not taken when the N C and its allies were themselves in authority for so many years as the  problems are not new one but the part of old proxy war launched by the theocratic Pakistan.
He impressed upon all the concerned to be realistic and refrain from indulging in jeopardizing  the national interest by linking  these with  the political power as the change is a part of the democratic process.