Nation First

Rajan Gandhi
Nation First is a firm belief in the idea that a truly rich and diverse nation like India is optimally united when its people give precedence to their identity as ‘Indians before everything else’. All parties’ staunch commitment to this principle is what is needed at this hour to make Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas possible. True ‘National’ politics, where every Indian, irrespective of his caste, creed or religion is an Indian first should be preached and practiced. Narrow politics of compartmentalization and division of society should be immediately shunned. All political parties agenda should be to unite people on the basis of their love for the country and then only India will re-emerge as a cultural and economic superpower. Philosophy of ‘Integral Humanism’, which considers all Indians as one united entity should be the agenda politics as  it will ensure our precious energies aren’t wasted in petty differences. Keeping the interest of the nation above everything else is what will ensure a united and powerful India, wherein each one of its 1.25 billion citizens contributes in his or her unique way, and fulfils his or her unique dream. India is a vast country and all Indians, irrespective of their religious backgrounds and different cultures, should be given equal rights .India’s unity and integrity, its futuristic identity and the social strength, individual character and cultural uniqueness have been the hallmark of this great country and its people for long.
But despite this all our state parties at different point of time have shown their true color which has not only vitiated already surcharged atmosphere but has added fuel to the fire. Be it demand of restoration of pre 1953 demand by NC, release of all stone pelters by PDP led government or filing of FIR against Army Major and BJP acting as mute spectator is just making mess of the things. One must understand that stone pelting is not part of any democracy anywhere in the world. All praise to the Indian armed and paramilitary forces who despite all odds against them are still able to control the situation and success of Operation All Out is testimony to this. Kashmir centric parties are just scoring brownie points against each other without keeping National interest above all. Narrow political gains cannot justify the actions and statements of politicians. Such is the real situation of politicians right now that no MLA dares to visit any far flung constituency as well as Jammu border area. First Major Gogoi and now Major Aditya , what is the state government trying to prove is any body’s guess. All these incidents have only one cascading effect, demoralization of army and belt forces. Result of all these is obvious now as no police nakka is visible in the whole Jammu despite a clear intelligence input of imminent attack by militants. Which police or chowki  officer  will dare to check for subversive elements in his area, obviously who will risk his job. This has led to total paralysis of administration right now and resultant attack on Army area in Sunjwan has happened. As per media reports these militants were there in Kashmir area for quite some time and travelled all the way to Jammu without any check and were successful in causing extensive damage. Loss of five army men in this attack really depicts the sorry state of affairs. Army has been made to face the enemy on border as well as internal enemies which are more lethal and dangerous. The very fact that militants are able to strike at will in the heart of Jammu city reveals the failure of local intelligence and police. Time for rhetoric and jumalabaazi has gone and it’s time to pull up the socks and act.
While this whole tragic incident was unfolding, another shocker came from J & K assembly where NC MLA shouted Pakistan Zindabad slogans. This whole incident just stunned the whole nation and everyone should condemn the incident in unison along with legal options. Our CM has rightly said in the assembly that future of our state lies with India only but repeated statement from her for talks with Pakistan is totally uncalled for .The sooner  all parties  accept it better it will be for all. Inciting public with taunting tweets or irresponsible statements are not going to help either ruling party or opposition and neither the Nation. Accession of J & K to India is final since 1947 cemented time to time in 1953 by Delhi agreement or 1975 – Indira -Shekh accord or Rajiv Farooq accord in 1986, as well as free and fair elections from 1996 onwards. In 1939 itself Jenab Sheikh Abdullah shunned local religious politics by renaming MC ( Muslim Conference) as NC ( National Conference) and further by rejecting Jinnah’s call for merging NC with MC during his 1944 visit to Kashmir and finally by choosing to go along with India after Pakistan backed tribal invasion. Statements of patriotism by the relatives of Subedar Mohammad Ashraf from Kashmir , army man killed in Sunjwan attack , must act as an eye opener for the valley leaders. Its time our leaders realize their past mistakes and focus on good governance rather than playing petty politics.
Supreme Court has rightly stalled the FIR proceedings against Major Aditya but the role of state and central government in the whole affair is not appreciable at all. Jammu has rightly remained calm and composed despite repeated instigation by militants but state government must ensure free hand to police and security forces to deal with these anti national elements. Nobody objects to frisking, questioning at airports, similarly police must go ahead with nakkas at different point of cities as well as highway to check movement of subversives. It’s our luck that militants did not choose a school or else consequences would have been beyond one’s imagination. With militants looking for some soft target all schools and vital installations must provide fool proof security in present scenario even if they have to take help of J & K Police. It is always better to be prepared in advance rather than putting sorry faces afterwards.
We all have to work for the unity and equality among society, as we all believe in the principle of “Justice and development to all”. When we talk of development, it means, we should experience the change that enables us to fulfill the potential and overall improvement in our daily lives and well-being. With this primary agenda only we can aim to transform and empower the weakest and the most neglected sections of Indian society, without any biases for caste, creed or religion. Today’s India is a young India, where the people are willing to work hard with an assurance of being masters of their own destiny and youth of J & K is very much  part of this progressive approach. Successful candidates clearing elite services exam year after year from Kashmir is the real mood of the youth of Kashmir. No subversive activity can deviate them from their dreams of joining mainstream along with whole nation. Let us all pledge ourselves whole hearted once again towards ‘Nation First’.