Naomi Campbell’s ramp nerves

LONDON, Feb 4:  Supermodel Naomi Campbell says she feels nervous while walking the ramp with young models.
The fashionista said she suffers from nerves when she hits the runway because she is “46 and other models are just 18 to 21, reported Female First.
“I feel nervous when I walk out. I just try to make it down in one piece and make it back in one piece. I enjoy it, but I’m nervous. Especially now. I mean, I’m 46, and these girls are 21 or 18 … I don’t know if it’s about the age thing, necessarily, but for me there’s always a vulnerability there,” Campbell said.
Meanwhile, the ramp sensation previously said she does not think models who get cast because of their social media followings have worked “very hard”.
“It doesn’t feel like they have worked very hard for it.” (PTI)