Mrs India Universe 2017: The journey was not a hunky-dory but full of challenges

Amit Katoch

Jammu, Dec 29: She was being brought up during ‘an era  of darkness 90s’ when conditions displaced a kid and circumstances forced her to shed the dreams of becoming a star but destiny had stored something very best for her. With a strong depth and passion in her dreams to live with dignity and not to go on any descendent path and her ever ready fighting spirit against all odds was the success mantra for Anisha Safaya, ‘Mrs India Universe 2017.’  Click here to watch video
“I am a kid of 90s and had spend my childhood in a war zone like situation but despite all odds  that I have gone through it is the same state from where I inherited this character and personality with a attitude of never stopping. Being brought up with good education I was always nurtured and inculcated with a spirit to live with dignity and not to choose any descendent and degraded path what so ever circumstances may be. So these guiding principles kept me inspiring and motivated throughout my journey.” Anisha told the Excelsior in an interview.
By profession, a Vice President in an Investment Bank Anisha Safaya agreed that it becomes a little tough to keep a balanced approach between professional commitments and personal pursuits.
“Its never been easy if you are not good at prioritizing work and best at time management. You are always required to have a reservoir of positive energy surrounding you and I am blessed to be in a company of compassionate people supporting me in my endeavor. So the easy way to manage your task is to get it done the way it comes to you,” she said.
Anisha considers age as no barrier to excel and circumstances no constrains if anyone has a  serious and strong zeal to taste the fruits of success. Her strong determination to prove her mettle in the beauty pageant came when she was suffering from slip disc and doctors had advised her a complete rest.
“I always had that fashion spark in me and when I introduced  myself to ramp in college I was shortlisted as one of the models but my family wanted me to complete my studies first and then to take a call what I wanted to do. My mother had played a very important and constructive role in shaping my career. So, in the process I was little delayed but not derailed. And finally here I am today with crown of ‘Mrs India Universe 2017’ and in 2018, I will be representing India for ‘Mrs Universe’ at an international platform.”
To a question, Anisha did acknowledge that the disdain and loathful attitude associated to beauty industry can be overcomed with sheer hard work, dedication and positive approach.
“We do belong to a very progressive and constructive community but anyone who wants to be a part of this industry must give a serious thought and put ones best efforts to it so that the reverence and respect for the profession may remain always high,” she said.