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Mechanised car parking

Multi-crore mechanized car parking in Jammu main market is still 30 per cent behind and it will take more time to bring it to completion. This is the first of its kind not only in Jammu but in entire northern India. The multi-storey mechanized car parking had to be undertaken in very congested area of the city. Once it becomes functional, it will reduce the congestion and crowding in a vital area of the old city. We welcome such enterprises.
However, we have learnt that some local shopkeepers who felt that the passage to their shops is blocked have resorted to protests and even dismantled the gate that was created for entering the parking lot. An ugly situation is reported to have developed.
We would suggest that this situation needs to be handled with care and patience. The shopkeepers should be provided the passage and they have not to be put to serious difficulties. But they have also to understand that the mechanized car parking was a great necessity and could not be avoided. Therefore a compromise formula needs to be forged so that the interests of all stakeholders are taken care of.


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