Matthew McConaughey’s 10-day fast post ‘Gold’ shoot

LOS ANGELES, Jan 19:  Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey said he went on a 10-day fast after filming “Gold”.

The 47-year-old actor was able to relax his workout regime and piled on nearly 50 pounds to play prospector Kenny Wells in the new movie and while he had fun gaining weight, he found slimming down afterwards much harder and had to take drastic measures to shock his body, reported Entertainment Tonight.

“Putting it on was easier and fun – cheeseburgers, beer, whatever I wanted. Taking it off, I did a 10-day fast just to kick-start my body into saying, ‘Oh we’re going without!'”

McConaughey, who famously lost almost 40 pounds for his Oscar-winning performance in “Dallas Buyers Club”, said Kenny is his “favourite character” he’s ever played, but his mother didn’t share his enthusiasm. (AGENCIES)