Manohar accuses BJP of double standards

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Feb 2: Former minister and senior Congress leader Dr Manohar Lal Sharma has accused the BJP leadership of its double standards and said that they are just befooling the people of this region.
While addressing public meetings at Katli, Riar, Thamnal, Baggan, Seri Mooni,  Parnala, Pallan, Dharamkot, Uccha Pind,  Thara Kalyal and Dhalli near  Dyala Chak  Dr Sharma strongly accused BJP for its double standards over each and every issue. He said the party stood fully exposed before the people of Jammu region who voted them to power.
Dr Sharma strongly lamented  BJP and its allies over their complete failure  in fulfilling   their commitments and promises made in election manifesto. Now they are  shifting the  responsibility of  failure on  each other so as  to create an atmosphere of confusion and chaos to keep public busy over non- public issues.
Congress leader appealed  to the general public  not to fall prey to their  false  slogans and remain vigilant to  understand their evil designs of decisive politics but ask them for the development, employment  and their basic amenities related to day to day  problems.
Dr Sharma sought explanation from BJP and its leaders over their stand on article 370  and PRC issue of West Pakistan  Refugees and establishment of separate Colony for Kashmiri Pandits in security zone in Kashmir province as they were among the core issues in BJP agenda and people of the country as well as the State want to know about their stand to come clear on these issues.
The  Congress leader assured the representatives and general public that he will not leave any stone unturned to address their basic problems and to raise the same with concerned higher authorities, such as the major problem of ration and potable water as well the bad condition of roads in the area.