Managing waste

This refers to the recent  article on Managing waste by fueling cement kilns by Dr Raja Muzaffar Bhat (Excelsior 02-01-2018).
ULBs /Municipal corporations are not implementing MSW rules  adequately as revealed by various Government reports; thus it is difficult to manage the MSW properly.
In Jammu and Kashmir  we, have inadequate solid waste collection and disposal systems, and the accumulating waste threatens health, damages the environment, and detracts from the quality of life. Therefore, it is necessary to make use of all possible waste management technologies to arrest the degradation of environment and foster waste-to-energy technologies.
The calorific value of RDF pellets can be around 4000 kcal/ kg depending upon the percentage of organic matter in the waste.  RDF has a wide array of advantages including energy efficiency, ease of transportation, better fuel characteristics, multiple uses etc. Due to reduction in fuel particle size and reduction in non-combustible material, RDF fuels are more homogeneous and easier to burn than the MSW feedstock. It needs lower excess air and hence works at better efficiency. Also, handling is easier since non-combustibles have been already removed.
It is much easier to transport and store fuel pellets to Cement factories/ power plants or industries than raw MSW …
Ecological awareness and citizen participation to segregate waste at source, door-to-door collection, and disposal in appropriate collecting bin is imperative. The awareness plays an important role in MSW management  and augments the efficiency of waste management stream. It is the most critical phase in the whole process of MSW management, which helps in handling solid waste leading to ultimate success. However, in J&K the present scenario reveals that there is almost no segregation of garbage at source which leads to various environmental problems and it becomes very difficult to segregate waste at transfer station or in landfill or treatment sites. Also, due to lack of coordination among the people, garbage is thrown improperly.
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Mujtaba Bashir
Srinagar Kashmir