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Man animal conflict

If man-animal conflict in Kashmir has exacerbated over the years, it is not surprising. Yes more and wilderanimals are leaving forests and entering habitats and in the process they are killing human being and becoming man eaters. We are at fault for such a scenario and if we are now running after these wild beasts to kill and finish them, we are doing damage to our natural wealth. Deforestation has taken place on a vast scale, population has increased manifold and forest lands are encroached. Wild animals are not getting enough food to eat and they are also denied the space to roam about. That forces them to move into habitats in search of prey including human beings if these fall in their grip.
Some areas in Pulwama have been infested with the visits of wild animals. A boy has been killed and people are scared. They cannot move out of their homes at night and even most of the time they prefer to remain indoors. The Wild Life Department has created some control rooms to keep a watch on the movement of wild animals. It is important that more watch towers are created and protection is provided to the human beings. Sharp shooters will be able to hunt down the wild animals but they will not be available all the time. Therefore, some fundamental policy of meeting the threat has to be chalked out. However, we would not suggest and support Government’s decision, if a decision comes, of gunning down all the wild animals they can. This is against the law and against morality. Only such man eaters as are now accustomed to look for human prey should be liquidated. This should become a policy of the Government. Therefore, the Government should consider this issue in all its dimensions and take some decision of protecting civilian population.


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