Mainstream politicians should clear their intentions: Gupta

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Feb 16: The former Union Minister, Prof. Chaman Lal Gupta has asked the “mainstream” politicians to come out clearly about their real intentions instead of indulging in double speak and thus, mislead the people of Kashmir. This is causing more harm than the enemy in the open.
In a statement, Prof. Gupta said that as far as the legal and constitutional position is concerned, the J&K is an integral and irrevocable part of India and no one has the authority to change this position
But it is strange that certain politicians in the State as also during their visit abroad are indulging in highly controversial statements and vituperations as if they are not bound by the oath of the Constitution under which they had enjoyed the power for years, he added.
Without naming Dr. Farooq Abdullah and  Omar Abdullah, Prof. Gupta questioned that why they did not take to that course with Pakistan when they were themselves in authority and pointed out that it was on record that these politicians had been pleading for bombing the training camps of ultras in Pak and PoK.
He observed that ground realities cannot be changed with the loss of power by one party or the other in a democracy. But in Kashmir it is a strange phenomena that even the national outlook is changed with the loss of power by certain politicians.
Prof.Gupta while referring to the certain new developments in Kashmir pointed out that some elements were resorting to stone pelting and indulging in creating fuss during operations against the armed terrorists. It is a serious matter. The Army Chief has rightly warned such elements to refrain from this behavior. The matter needed to be handled with a firm approach without dilly delaying.
What is happening in Kashmir, it is part of a proxy war launched by Pakistan. Cross border terror is a part of this war. Hence, there is no scope for any kind of laxity or vacillation, he asserted.