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The festival of Lohri marks the end of the winter season, a time when the sun heads back to the north and stays longer each day warming the ground for the new crops soon to be sown. The festival is celebrated all over the Punjab, Delhi, J&K and the other parts of “Northern India”.
Lohri is celebrated in remembrance of Dulha Bhatti. A question arises who is Dulha Bhatti Wala? Dulha Bhatti, a Punjabi version of Robin Hood, who stole wealth from the rich and distributes it among the poor. The girl who was once abducted and rescued by him and later he adopted her as his daughter. He then arranged a marriage for her and gave her a Kilo of Sugar as a marriage gift. He was treated hero among the local Punjabis who loved and respect him. Most songs of Lohri are sung in praise of Dulha Bhatti to express their gratitude to him.
The Lohri which in the past had been more gender specific and had more colours of male superiority. In  the coming times, we need to dedicate this festival to  our sisters, daughters, mothers, that may change the male  mindset.
There are certain areas like sex ratio, girl education, women empowerment where policies need to be more focused.
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Medansh Thusoo
Jodhamal Public School


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