Legislators showing disrespect to National Anthem should be disqualified: Sethi

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Jan 3: Chief spokesperson of State Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), Sunil Sethi today asserted that persons showing disrespect to National Anthem should be disqualified as legislators.
“Whereas on one hand the Supreme Court of India has passed judgement of playing National Anthem in Cinema Theatres and also directed persons present to show respect to National Anthem by standing in attention but on the other hand the opposition legislatures in Jammu and Kashmir has shown disrespect to National Anthem on the first day of current Legislation Sessions by continuing indulging in fighting and slogan shouting while National Anthem was being played, said Sunil Sethi.
The senior BJP leader said that the legislatures who owe their position of prominence to Constitution and have first duty to protect Constitution and symbols of National prestige have conducted themselves in a way which is unbecoming on their part and unacceptable to general public. “If regard and respect to National Anthem won’t be shown by law makers what example they will be setting for common man”, asked Sethi.
He said that Legislatures who have crossed ‘Laxman Rekha’ have lost the moral right to remain legislatures but instead of being apologetic none has shown remorse for the disrespectful act of theirs. “In democracy raising protests is part of system and right to oppose or raising voice can’t be taken away but that can’t be upheld at the cost of National interest and to the prestige of National Anthem”, he added.
The BJP chief spokesperson asked all offending legislatures to tender unconditional apology to the Nation and also undertaking not to repeat any such conduct in future which can shake confidence of public in high position of legislatures.