Lawmakers become lawbreakers

Legislators are the elected members of the people. Their primary duty and responsibility after taking the oath is to serve the people and protect the interests of the people and the state. As such they have to be the role model for the society. They are expected to be the owners of impeccable character and honesty. If they falter in maintaining the standard and status of their position, the people will lose trust in them.
It has come to the notice of the general public that at least there are 62 Legislators in the State who are occupants of multiple Government accommodation. They have been allotted quarters by the Estates Department and they have also occupied flats in MLA hostels in both capital cities. What is more, some of these legislators have private houses which they have rented away and are pocketing the money at the cost of the state exchequer. What sort of public leadership is this, one may ask. Since the legislators enjoy multiple occupancy, the Estates Department which has the responsibility of providing accommodation to the Government employees who are in the category of Durbar move is forced to take private accommodation on rent and accommodate the functionaries. In this way a huge amount by way of rent goes to private owners. This is a big loss to the state exchequer.
We fail to understand why the legislators should become as selfish and covetous as to go beyond all reasonable limits and make a show of their importance. The Estates Department should have the responsibility of ensuring that the MLAs/MLCs are provided accommodation in the hostel and as such they should not be entitled to its quarters or bungalows. Why does not the Estates Department ask for an affidavit from the legislators indicating that they do not have double allotment, and if they have they must surrender one immediately. Estates Department has the responsibility of ensuring that law and rules and practices are not broken that easy. It may be pointed out in passing that even the CAG too had taken a note of this irregularity and advised its rectification.