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KSD rejects return road map for Pandits

Excelsior Correspondent
New Delhi, Jan 30: Kashmiri Samiti Delhi (KSD) strongely condemned and rejected  the revised road map  for return of displaced KP,s and setting them up in small clusters in Kashmir valley with out seeking consent and keeping their demands and aspirations in  consideration.
Vijay Raina, President KSD while strongly re-acting over the  ill- advised road map for KP,s return to Valley with out consent  of those who have to actually return and are  fighting for consolidated rehabilitation in the Valley from the last twenty seven years. .He said this new road map of State and Centre  Govt. to take Displaced KP,s back to valley in clusters or previous  locations  is a wasteful exercise and lollypop schemes to lure Displaced KP,s for return to Kashmir valley with out considering their basic demands & honoring their wishes and aspirations will not yield  any result.
KSD president further stated that this proposed  rehabilitation of displaced KP,s in the Valley after 27  years will be one more dreadful migration of this victim community and also it  is a wider issue which political masters in the State and Centre failed to conceive and merely declaring itsmonetary compensation, ignoring political, religious and other factors, can not serve the purpose.He said KP,s rehabilitation needs to be looked at from political as well as humanitarian angle and not to treat them just a material  to use  for their political ends.
He clarified to the State and Centre Govt.that real rehabilitation of KP,s will mean to settle them consolidatedly at Home land  having  complete writ of Indian Constitution to enable them to live together as a community as well as a true citizen of Indian Nation . He further clarified that one sided decision of the Govt. will never be acceptable the victim KP community’.


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