KPC decries double standards of Kashmiri leadership

Excelsior Correspondent

NEW DELHI, Jan 6: KPC chief Kundan Kashmiri in a statement issued today stated that the mainstream parties in Kashmir have become habitual of talking in the language of separatists whenever they are out of power and urged them to change their approach and stop hoodwinking people.
He said otherwise these leaders have to make it clear whether they are with India or they are with Pakistan sponsored terrorists and separatists as they can not at the same time sail in two boats.
Kundan Kashmiri KPC Chief said these Kashmir based political parties just for vote bank policy nowadays are leaving no opportunity to call terrorists as martyrs to remain in good books of the separatists and appeasing Pakistan by insisting India for dialogue, but in power they discouraged and dismayed the militants and used to ask Central Government to wage a war against Pakistan, retrieve Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) and destroy terrorist camps operating in PoK.
KPC Chief said it is high time for Kashmiri politicians to give up double standards and muster courage to call spade a spade and leave to sell the agenda of separatists to the people to garner votes which will further expose them and weaken their parties in other parts of the state is concerned.
This double standard of Kashmir based parties have put a question mark on their loyalty. They have to take a call on which side they are and have to call terrorist a terrorist and soldier a martyr.