Knee replacement with ‘No Error Technique’ gives new life to patient

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Sept 2: Renowned Joint Replacement Surgeon, Dr Ranjit Singh from Fortis Escorts Hospital, Amritsar performed a rare and challenging surgery and proved once again that nothing is impossible for him.
Patient Mehar Chand, who is the resident of Pathankot got his knee replaced 8 years back. In an accident, he fractured his right knee and after that his right knee became non-functional and he could not walk properly and became crippled. He decided to again get his fractured knee replaced. He consulted many Orthopaedic Surgeons in Punjab but none of them assured him of satisfactory results after surgery. Then he met Dr Ranjit Singh who is famous for his unique and innovative “No Error Technique”, who assured the patient that he will be able to walk normally after surgery and can live a normal life.
Dr Singh removed his old metallic knee and placed a new metallic knee which is called as revision total knee replacement surgery. After the surgery, the patient started walking on his own. He had negligible pain and there was no need of blood transfusion.
Revision surgery, i.e. removal of old metallic knee and placement of new metallic knee is a very challenging and complex surgery and required lot of surgical skills and expertise. There are only few surgeons in India who perform such surgeries and Dr Ranjit Singh is one of them. After doing this revision surgery Dr Singh has achieved new heights.
With innovation of “No Error Technique”, Dr Singh has brought a revolution in the field of joint replacement. Patients with knee arthritis, who were earlier scared of knee replacement because of associated problems like unbearable pain, bleeding, prolong bed rest and painful physiotherapy, are now readily opting for knee replacement with “No Error Technique”.