Knee Arthiritis

Demand for knee replacements among the age group of 45-64 has tripled since the last two to three years.
So patients getting operated at the age of 45 need Revision surgeries to be done.
As we have growing BABY BOOMERS (young population developing advanced knee OA) bigger is the pressure on industry to have systems lasting multiple decades maybe 30 years+….. This knee replacement lasting more than 30 years is a concept which is beyond just purely an implant…..its biomaterials, accuracy, alignment, gender specific design, sizing, technology and conglomeration of all these is the answer for a knee replacement which is biological, gives high bending and longevity of more than 30 years.
New technology is specifically engineered to address the unmet market need for smaller sized women population that is still younger spectrum and wishes for surgery that is high flexion, painless, minimally invasive and can last a lifetime.
High Flexion Knee Implants with special polyethylene ATTUNE™
Attune is an innovative, comprehensive and integrated knee system created as a result of more than six years of extensive research to address unmet patient, surgeon and provider needs and is latest advancement in knee replacement options. It provides the best in class knee replacement solution for highly demanding & active lifestyles. This combines the latest in design, kinematics, engineering and materials to deliver a high level of stability  and motion.
* Wear resistance results in longer lasting knees.
* Allows for greater knee bending such as sitting cross-legged
* Natural-bone conserving design.
* Combination of OXINIUM™ metal alloy and “highly crosslinked” polyethylene
*  A knee implant technology that combines two low-friction materials
*  Oxinium reduces plastic component wear by 85% when compared to cobalt chrome
Pin-less Computer Navigation
* Latest advancements in Computer assisted knee surgery is the Pin-less Knee Navigation System.
*  This procedure is far less invasive for patients as compared to conventional CAS surgery.
* No incision necessary in the shin bone or the thigh bone.
* No extra stab wounds and hole marks that you have with other navigation systems.
Drastic reduction in risk of infection and chances of injury after the surgery, which likely means a longer lasting knee.
Patient Specific Instrumentation
* Use of patient specific instruments provides a tailormade solution for each patient resulting in perfectly aligned knee implant.
* Personalized solution based on a patient’s unique anatomy.
Minimally invasive TKR & Painless Surgery
Smaller incision as compared to the traditional 10 to 12 inch incision minimizes the amount of soft tissue damage that occurs when a surgeon reconstructs a knee. The potential benefits of this approach include: Less bleeding during surgery, less post-operative pain, shorter recovery time & smaller scars for improved cosmetics.
(The author is Director & Head Max elite Institute Orthopaedics).