Kelam Ashmuj bridge of Kulgam

A bridge, 175 meters long, over Vaishaw Nallah in Kelam, Ashmuj village in Kulgam  is incomplete for becoming operational for the last eight years taxing the residents of the area in terms of time, money and comforts.
The work of the construction of this bridge, with an estimated cost of Rs. 14.75 crore, was started in the year 2010 by the Jammu and Kashmir Project Construction Corporation (JKPCC) but as on date, half of the work only is complete forcing the people of the area to opt for lengthy and inconvenient routes to reach the District Headquarters as also the Srinagar-Jammu National Highway. The residents want that the bridge connecting them to various villages in the area be completed at an early date as the bridge would save them at least one hour of travelling time which they have to expend by choosing alternative routes.
Again, the same problem of funds crunch has resulted in stoppage of work over this bridge for  intermittent periods  and latest one for over six months and we, now, expect early release of funds to enable the JKPCC to speed up the work which we have learnt has very recently started “despite the dearth of funds”. We shall keep a track of the developments in the matter so that the residents could get early respite from the inconvenience faced by them, as at present.