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Kathua’s efforts on girl child find rare mention in PM’s Address

Child sex ratio goes up by 10 points

*India needs more scientists, says Modi

Sanjeev Pargal
JAMMU, Feb 26: Kathua today achieved a rare distinction when it was mentioned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ address from All India Radio, lauding increase in child sex ratio of the district following a massive awareness campaign launched by the district administration on girl child.
In his 28th edition of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ broadcast through the All India Radio and telecast by all news channels, Modi said due to massive awareness campaign launched by Kathua district, the child sex ratio has shown significant improvement of 10 points—up from 835 to 845—which was a healthy and encouraging sign.
Modi devoted nearly one-and-a-half-minute of the Address to Kathua district, which falls in Lok Sabha constituency of Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office, Dr Jitendra Singh saying in its mass awareness programme on girl child, the Kathua district involved all departments, setting an example.
The Prime Minister lauded efforts under ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ programme in Kathua by devising convergence model involving different Government departments and agencies to bring positive change in mindset of the people towards the girl child.
Later, in a tweeted, Minister in PMO, Dr Jitendra Singh extended his gratitude to the Prime Minister for mentioning Kathua district in ‘Mann Ki Baat’ saying the district of his Parliamentary constituency has set an example for rest of the country to follow by recording jump in child sex ratio in view of mass awareness programme.
“Thanks Narendra Modi Ji for your kind words of encouragement for district Kathua in my constituency during Mann Ki Baat,” Dr Singh tweets.
Dr Jitendra Singh hoped that the appreciation of Kathua district by no less a person than the Prime Minister of the country will encourage other districts of Jammu and Kashmir as well as the entire nation to launch mass awareness campaign to protect girl child, give her education and other facilities and make her a good citizen of the country.
As per the official data, child sex ratio in Kathua went up from 861 to 871 in the aftermath of massive awareness campaign launched in Kathua district by Deputy Commissioner Ramesh Kumar.
MCTS portal data had officially confirmed the increase in child sex ratio by 10 points in Kathua district after the campaign.
“The full immunization went up to 90 per cent, girl-boy as enrolment in primary school level went up from 835 to 845 while early registration of pregnant women recorded an increase of 15 per cent—from 51 per cent to 66 per cent.
During mass awareness campaign, Kathua district got 220 orphan girls adopted by 110 private higher secondary schools, giving them free education. Similarly, 100 girls were given free, bags, uniforms etc in the Government schools. The Nari Niketans were also enrolled for welfare of the girl children.
Deputy Commissioner, Kathua, Ramesh Kumar’s, whose efforts in educating people resulted in improvement in child sex ratio in the district, said: “the caller tune “Betiyon ko bhi jeene ka haq hai padne ka haq hai, aasmaan ko bhi chhune ka haq hai, aage badne ka haq hai” on every Government officer’s cell phone had been selected among best innovative idea practiced, which earlier got words of appreciation from Union Minister Menka Gandhi”.
Kathua, which was identified as one of the districts with adverse child sex ratio (CSR) in Census 2011, has been selected for “Effective Community Engagement” for valuing and respecting the girl child under Beti Bachao Beti Padhao (BBBP).
Due to coordinated and convergent efforts made by Kathua administration under the supervision of DC Kathua Ramesh Kumar, ensured survival, protection and empowerment of the girl child in the district.
This is being implemented through target oriented campaign and focused multi sectoral action in the district low in CSR, covering length and breadth of the district.
Giving due significance to the overall efforts undertaken by Kathua administration under PAHAL, the Ministry of Women and Child Development has selected Kathua as one of the 10 districts in the country to be felicitated and recognized for its good performance in Beti Bachao Beti Padhao in the category of “Effective Community Engag-ement”.
PTI Adds:-
Meanwhile, Modi said, India needs more scientists to harness technology for the benefit of the common man, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today while hailing the scientific community for the record launch of 104 satellites and the successful test-firing of a new missile.
“The attraction for science among our young generation should increase. The country needs more scientists. When science is harnessed keeping in mind the needs of the common people, it becomes the most valuable contributor to general humanity,” he said.
Referring to a recent competition organised at the 14th Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas, he said socially useful innovations were showcased and one of these was an application developed to help fishermen locate the most productive fishing zones and get updates about weather and sea conditions.
“There are times when a problem portrays the importance of science for finding a solution,” Modi said referring to the 2005 Mumbai floods which led to development of a dwelling structure that saves its occupants and prevents water-logging.
Referring to the 38th successive successful launch of PSLV rocket that placed a record 104 satellite in orbit, Modi said ISRO scientists have brought laurels to the nation. He said the ISRO team had several young scientists, including women.
“After the successful mission of sending Mangalyaan to Mars, ISRO scripted a world record in the arena of space. ISRO has successfully launched 104 satellites simultaneously into space.
“These satellites belonged to various countries…India has created history by becoming the first country to launch successfully 104 satellites into space in one go,” he said.
He noted that one of the satellites launched by PSLV is Cartosat 2D, which has become operational and will be of great help in mapping of resources and infrastructure and planning for urban development.
On the successful test-firing of a ballistic interceptor missile, he said that it destroyed an ‘enemy’ missile at an altitude of around 100 km above the earth surface. Hardly four or five countries in the world possess this capability, he said.
In his over 30-minute address, Modi also lauded the role of the farmers for record production of food grains this year.
“Our farmer brothers and sisters have toiled hard to fill our granaries. The hard work of the farmers has resulted in a record production of food grains. More than 2,700 lakh tonnes of food grains have been produced in the country this year. This is eight per cent more than the last record set by our farmers,” the Prime Minister said.
He also thanked the farmers for cultivation of various types of pulses. “I am happy that the farmers heeded the needs of our poor people and cultivated various types of pulses on about 290 lakh hectares of land,”  he said, adding that it will help provide required protein input to the poor.


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