Kathua sets example

Gender discrimination has been the bane of our society. By any standard, gender discrimination is a sin against humanity. Prime Minister Modi declared Beti Bachao Beti Padhao as the slogan of eradicating gender discrimination. District administration of Kathua took up this and other associated social welfare programmes as its cherished project and achieved commendable success. Statistics available with us show that child sex ratio has shown significant improvement of 10 points-up from 861 to 871-which was a healthy and encouraging sign. Actually, this is the result of intensive awareness campaign which the district administration under able guidance of Deputy Commissioner launched in collaboration with other departments besides the Social Welfare Department. This success is so impressive as to have inspired the Prime Minister to make a mention of District Kathua as the model which other districts in the State and the country can emulate. The improvement in gender ratio in Kathua district actually reflects the changing mindset of the people of the district which, in turn, indicates the type of awareness campaign launched by district authorities.
Kathua, which was identified as one of the districts with adverse child sex ratio (CSR) in Census 2011, has been selected for “Effective Community Engagement” for valuing and respecting the girl child under Beti Bachao Beti Padhao. It is not only in gender awareness area but in other areas also district Kathua has shown considerable improvement to take lead over other districts of the State. In terms of awareness of women health and pregnancy and related matters there is perceptible change.  During mass awareness campaign, Kathua district got 220 orphan girls adopted by 110 private higher secondary schools, giving them free education. Similarly, 100 girls were given free bags, uniforms etc in the Government schools. The Nari Niketans were also enrolled for welfare of the girl children.