Kate Beckinsale’s sleep paralysis horror

LONDON, Jan 23: Actress Kate Beckinsale says she once had a terrifying sleep paralysis experience during which she feared that she had a stroke when she could not move.
“I had one crazy episode of sleep paralysis. I had actual auditory hallucination. I had just had lunch with David Walliams, who is a very good friend of mine, and he’d gone off and I went for a nap, because I was exhausted.
“And I heard him in my hotel room talking to someone and I thought, ‘Oh no, they’ve come in…I went to get up and I couldn’t move at all. I thought, ‘Oh my God, I’ve actually had a stroke. I’ve died…'” Beckinsale said.
The “Underworld: Blood Wars” was left terrified something bad had happened to her, but was assured by a doctor friend that she had nothing to worry about, reported Female First.
“Then I got up and he wasn’t in the room so I called a doctor friend of mine – he’s a neurologist – and said, ‘What just happened to me?’
“He goes, ‘Oh it’s quite a common thing, it’s what they used to think was a succubus or whatever – you can be in a very particular stage of REM sleep and your brain has woken up but your body hasn’t yet. So you can’t move and people will have visual or auditory hallucinations’,” she recalled. (PTI)