Kargil supply woes

Heavy snow and incessant rains have created havoc in Kargil and adjoining areas. Roads are blocked, movement of supplies has been arrested, and the town is struck by power and ration crisis. There has been widespread public resentment against inability of the authorities to mitigate their difficulties. Former Chief Executive Councilor, Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council (LAHDC),  Kargil and Councilor Baroo, Haji Mohammad Hanifa Jan lashed out at the present LAHDC Kargil over the unprecedented power and ration crisis in Kargil district, saying  that recent snowfall has buried the whole Council.  Essential commodities including kerosene oil are in acute shortage and people are greatly distressed by the prevailing situation. The complaint of the people is that the Council nowhere visible in this hour of distress. Owing to lack of coordination between Hill Council, Power Department and NHPC, people are facing unscheduled power cuts.
This situation in the strategic snow-bound mountainous town of Kargil speaks of inefficiency of the administration which has not taken into account the possible difficulties likely to arise from heavy snowfall and breakdown of power supply. What alternative arrangements have the PDD made remains a sad story. Likewise the Food Department as well as the District administration has proved a failure in their performance especially during the harsh months of winter. The Ministers generally say that the supplies are satisfactory and all necessary steps have been taken to ensure that people are not put to suffering. The ground reality is very different. The Government claims that it is concerned about the people living in far off places in the State. Kargil is an important town and the Hill Council has the duty to ensure facilities for the people.