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Justice via video-conferencing

Seldom does a VIP care to pay an official visit to far off places like Kargil and Leh. It is not that they are averse to such visits; they are under pressure of heavy workload awaiting their attention at the headquarters. Therefore, the visit of Chief Justice Badar Durrez Ahmad to Leh and Kargil is a memorable event in the judicial history of Ladakh region. We welcome this historic visit as it has improved the feeling of cohesiveness among various parts of the State. Being cut-off for more than six months in a year owing to heavy snowfall and closure of road, the visit of the Chief Justice provided a golden opportunity to the judicial branch of Kargil and Leh and its functionaries and the people of the region in general of giving vent to their difficulties and demands in order to improve the lot of the people.
Chief Justice has met with the Judicial Officers and members of bar. One significant announcement which he has made is that the High Court is contemplating of introducing video conferencing between the litigants from Kargil and Leh and Srinagar and Jammu. It is difficult for Kargil and Leh litigants to travel all the way to Srinagar or Jammu to plead their court cases and seek justice. This video Conferencing will save time and money, and this will be a major step in bringing justice to the doorsteps of the people in this remote part of the State.
In his interaction with the members of the Bar Association, a number of subjects were discussed like the establishment of Circuit Bench of High Court, construction of court building, establishment of consumer court, steps for making District Jail Kargil functional, grant-in-aid to the Bar Association and construction of chambers for new bar members and installation of heating facilities in the court complex. Perhaps this is the first time in the history of Kargil that the Bar Association has had the opportunity of raising a number of issues with the Chief Justice of the State. Naturally it sends a message of goodwill and hope to all the people in the region that they are not the neglected people of the State and that the High Court of the State is mindful of the needs and difficulties of the people of this far flung area.
During his visit, Chief Justice interacted with the judicial staff of lower ranks as well and tried to understand their problems.
He has laid the foundation of a very good and healthy tradition and hopefully this will be carried forward by his successors in the State in future.


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